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Track calls, emails, stats, and get the information you need by sending an email to our AI assistant instead of dealing with complex Salesforce screens.

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your business.

Our powerful AI makes sense of the madness by monitoring your Salesforce account and lets you send a simple email or instant message to change or get any information you need. It also provides insight into where your time is spent and how your pipeline is developing.

CRM tracking you’ll actually use 

Built for individual salespeople, our email and IM interface makes it easy to stay on top of what's important. Log any information you need by shooting a simple email to us.

Automatically connects to all your system so you don't have to

Inexpensive and Risk-Free

12% of sales time is wasted by switching between systems.  Stay in your inbox and don't waste time learning another screen.

We are focused on sales performance.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee and will give you a full refund if you feel like it's not for you.

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After you spend more time outside your CRM and more time focused on customers you start to close more deals

Win More Deals


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You meet your AI helper and they start taking over your requests like logging information, finding customers, and updating opportunities


How does it work?

Bouncing between your email inbox and salesforce kills productivity.

Send an email to us and our AI will update salesforce for you.

You can stay focused on sales.  It's that simple.

Work in your email inbox, where your customers live

"It's incredible. No more having to login to salesforce and spend my day updating close dates and converting leads, I can just live in my inbox where my customers live."

Elijah Richmond , Field Sales at GenaDyn

Stay up-to-date, even when you’re out of the office.

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